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EMS Systems Analyst


EMS (Energy Management System) Systems Analyst with a focus on Enterprise Application to manage the Transmission and distribution electrical grid.

Skills required:

GE e-terra, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), AGC (Automated Generation Control), Network, Peak/Min, DTS, PID, RLS, OAG)

– Works under the direction of a senior level engineer or supervisor/manager to complete departmental goals and assignments.
– Implements software packages for which limited configuration and integration is required with minimal vendor contact.
– Integrates applications where the complexity of interfaces is limited and based on specifications provided.
– Participates on an Application Development and Support team as well as project teams under the direction of their manager, senior team members, or project managers.
– Performs all work according to applicable rules and regulations including regulatory requirements and organization policies and procedures.
– Member of the 24/7 EMS Applications Engineering support on call team and supports, troubleshoot EMS applications and system on call issues.

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