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Our Industry Expertise

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Power Up your Utility​

Let us help you build your workforce with the insight and expert advice of our all-star utility industry SMEs — some of our most formidable of staff augmentation solutions. BridgeSource can provide a single resource or handpick an entire team to suit your needs.

Industry-specific IT Consultants

Our Advisory Practice offerings focus on the rapidly shifting US Utility Market. Our harvest of knowledge capital comes by way our carefully designed teams of seasoned thought leaders — leadership who can redirect or reshape like organized lightning, while remaining aligned and in compliance with Utility Industry requirements. This allows us insightful and robust yet practical service offerings.

Service Offerings:

Smart Grid /Micro Grid Tested with Integration Lab

Bridge Management

Lost at sea? Weathering a utility system storm? Fret not. We bridge the critical leadership gaps that ail you with the help of our trusted teams of experienced Subject Matter Experts or SMEs. Our SMEs provide stability and guidance to ensure your organization achieves its strategic objectives. BridgeSource provides well-vetted executives who can help navigate shifting markets, implement new strategies, or just fill in during a transition period.

Empower Your Business

With our smart Utility advisory and customized staffing solutions. Let BridgeSource be your strategic partner in navigating difficult Utility industry disruptions. Our SME advisory and enterprise staffing solutions will enable you to build a strong, connected workforce, create skillful teams, respond quickly to industry changes, and stay ahead of the competition so you can thrive in any economy.