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If you haven’t heard of Colton Pierce, you will.

    Pierce teamed up with BridgeSource Utilities Solutions as Integration Lead in January and has already
    made serious traction, now as Director. 
    Before joining Bridgesource, Mr. Pierce kept things alight as one of Hitachi’s senior consultants providing
    invaluable leadership, industry perspective, and technical support for all Network Manager applications
    including SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management
    Systems), DERMS (Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems), OMS (Outage Management
    Systems), and EMS (Energy Management Systems). Then, given a unique and all-too-befitting
    opportunity with BridgeSource, he decided it made great sense to pair up with the well-established utility
    advisory and staffing powerhouse. 
    One might say BridgeSource is defined by the brightest consultants in the business, wielding enterprise-
    level human capital along with invaluable ‘knowledge capital’ and the type of thoughtful consulting that is
    reshaping the way electric utilities navigate recent industry changes, challenges, and regulatory
    commitments being presented to them, e.g. meeting timely transformations while contributing to
    communities in considerable ways. Not only does BridgeSource support investor-owned utilities but also
    helps municipalities and co-ops in handling the challenges that arise with the integration of renewable
    resources and regulatory climate.
    Pierce sheds light, “We’ve already been going down a great path with a colossal utilities conglomerate
    and hope to share the same set of services and value with other discretionary partners. I’ve been working
    with the same core group of folks for about a decade, with roots starting on the utility side, then growing
    into the technology vendor side with Hitachi Energy, and now back to the utility client side sharing insights
    as a consultant. The mutual trust and shared perspective are there. The synergy and momentum, just
    Utilities with similar platforms and needs are already aiming to go the same route. Together with
    BridgeSource, Mr. Pierce sees them appreciating/adopting comparable ideologies, technologies, and
    methodologies, tailored to their unique customer requirements (both functional and legal). 
    It’s no wonder BridgeSource now deploys Pierce and his tremendous value-add, sharing his technical
    expertise on Grid Integration with strategic partners while further positioning BridgeSource as a
    knowledge-based, problem-solving industry gem. 
    Learn more about Colton Pierce here:

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